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What is an Independent Elevator Company?

There are basically 2 kinds of elevator companies in our industry-- Majors and Independents.

Majors are the large, multi-national elevator manufacturers. They typically have elevator manufacturing facilities in several countries and branch operations in all the larger cities of the world. Their branches report up a chain of command structure to a central headquarters. Service calls are typically routed to and dispatched from a large call center located in another state somewhere and you are known only by your account number when you call. They are very big businesses and our clients tell us they can be impersonal and uncaring.

Independents by contrast are local, many times family-owned companies. They generally operate out of one or two locations & serve a more limited geographical area. By their very nature you get more personalized service, you're known by name and long-time stable account relationships are common.

As an Independent grows, so does their ability to provide a wide variety of products and services over a greater area more like a Major, still however, keeping service quality higher and the advantages of local ownership and responsiveness. If you have a problem or suggestion, you can take it up with the owner directly and get it resolved or implemented quickly.

Additionally, most Independents today provide non-proprietary, easy-to-service equipment instead of the highly specialized, patented, in-house designs provided by most Majors. Don't get trapped into service by only one company, make sure you are buying industry-standard non-proprietary elevator equipment that can be serviced by any good quality firm.

Why are we better?

Tired of corporate crap, Interstate Elevator was created for the elevator owners of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Our main objective is to provide elevator owners more personal service with fair terms at a better price.

We at Interstate Elevator care more about our customers and your equipment than our competition that cares more about the bottom line of profit. We want to bring back personal service with moral values and we want to know that a handshake is as good as a signature on paper.

Interstate Elevator stands for excellence in customer service, safety and reliability. Our mission is providing the kind of personalized and competent service that is so rare today, coupled with the highest quality, Non-Proprietary products.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. When we make a commitment to you, you can rest assured that we will provide you all the services outlined in our contract, guaranteed!

Why choose Interstate Elevator, Inc.
over the major companies

Interstate Elevator, Inc.:

  • An independent company that is locally owned
  • Service company not an elevator manufacturer
  • Non- proprietary parts that can be easily serviced by others and don't become obsolete as fast.
  • Local owners, which means personalized service, where you’re not just another number.
    Problems are taken care of quickly with owners being local and able to respond to your needs.
  • Reputation and word of mouth is important to Interstate Elevator, Inc. therefore satisfaction is very important.
  • Work to prolong your existing elevator equipment, but able to upgrade when conditions require.
  • Full service elevator company able to meet all your needs: installation, modernization, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Your calls are answered by a local company representative- allowing you to get answers quickly.

Major companies: (Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, KONE)

  • Call centers located in other states and you are an account number
  • Deal in their highly proprietary company parts making it hard for other companies with lower bids to service your elevator.
  • Impersonal with several branches reporting up a chain of command.
Usually costs more for service/maintenance due to the large overhead.


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