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One of the main benefits of using Interstate Elevator is that we are a service company, not an elevator manufacturer. The benefit to you is that our main interest is in prolonging the useful life of your existing equipment, not constantly installing new elevators. When the time comes, we can install or upgrade whatever your system needs, and we do install elevators, but we have no vested interest in keeping a big factory assembly line humming, our primary interest is in keeping your system running safely and efficiently as long as possible, and we do a great job of it.

Walk onto any one of our customers with a service agreement and you’ll find a complete up to date check chart that is actually being used. Our charting system is not just for show; our mechanics keep notes, project future maintenance & repairs, tract operation, note part numbers and thoroughly utilize the charting for the best long-term maintenance of your elevator. We’re not afraid to let our customers know what we are doing for their equipment and how their dollars are being used.

Maintenance programs

checkbulletFlexible agreements

checkbulletFull Service Agreements


checkbulletCovers parts and labor under normal conditions

  checkbulletAvailable on monthly, semi-monthly or weekly agreements


checkbulletYearly or multi-year terms

checkbulletInspection Lubrication agreements


checkbulletCost effective for low use elevators


checkbullet Covers routine examinations, lubrication, and minor adjustments


checkbulletYearly or multi-year terms

Repair Services

checkbullet24 hour 7 days on call services at  (785) 234-2817


checkbulletWe install only non-proprietary equipment


checkbulletAllows flexibility for you to choose you service provider

checkbulletDoor upgrade packages


checkbulletDoor Operator replacement

  checkbulletDoor detection devices

checkbulletPump unit replacement


checkbulletReplaces pump, motor, and valve in your elevator system

checkbulletHydraulic cylinder replacement


checkbullet Replaces leaking cylinders or single bottom cylinders which may not meet code requirements

New Installation

checkbulletWe have a product for any application


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(785) 234-2817

2406 NW Clay St.
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