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We have a multitude of Non-Proprietary Elevators of various makes and models. Together we choose the best brand and model to specifically exceed your needs. We offer passenger, freight, hydraulic, traction, roped-hydro, high speed, high rise, low rise, dumb-waiters, cart-lifts, limited access lifts, and even home elevators. Interstate Elevator does not manufacture any of our products therefore we don’t profit pushing one brand over another. For that matter, we even sell one of the major global corporations passenger elevator when it is the best fit for the customer. We are a full service company that also provides competitive, quality upgrades and modernizations for existing elevators. A complete modernization, ADA phones, fire service, security, electronic edges, solid state starters, American Disabilities Act retrofit, pumping unit, or controller, Interstate can better serve you.

We were tasked to modernize a historically preserved elevator in the Kansas Statehouse, maintaining the use of a live elevator operator and keeping the look of the original antique style fixtures. The goal was to upgrade the fixtures, selector, and controls for a more dependable system. We also needed to change out all ropes, bearings or components to overcome the natural wear and tear from years of use. The equipment was a basement set Otis gearless machine with an old carbon style relay controller and even the sheaves were old enough to have poured Babbitt bearings.
This, we soon found, was a monumental process that our mechanics adapted to well and overcame every unforeseen obstacle with precision and quality craftsmanship. We replaced the old relay controller with a state of the art “Motion Control” microprocessor controller that utilized car-riding and motor encoders to guarantee level floor levels every time the car stopped. The slideshow shown above are photos taken along the journey to illustrate the beauty of the old merging with the new.

Residential Lift   Standard Hoist-way single door opening

Roped-Hydraulic elevator car top with (3) multiple doors.


Roped-Hydraulic elevator interior with (3) multiple doors.





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